The Secret ThingEdit

The Secret Thing is always in a cylindricle orange tube. It appears in every episode. It is often in random places such as lying on the grond or on a table. It is even the main idea of some episodes. Doctor Doctor always tries to get it, even though she has no idea what it is. Even though Victor appears to have been told what it is, in the first episode. He often tries to look inside it.

Secret CodesEdit

Every episode has a four-didget code hidden somewhere in the episode. Thes codes can be entered on The Secret Show Website and used to unlock "goodies."

Fluffy BunniesEdit

Throughout each episode, fluffy bunnies can be found hiding in random places. 3,243 bunnies have been seen in episodes.

The Secret SpiderEdit

The Secret Spider is also hidden in every episode. It is later revealed that there are two aliens hiding in the spider watching UZZ.