The Fluffy Bunny ShowEdit

Every episode of The Secret Show begins with The Fluffy Bunny Show, a children's show hosted by Sweet Little Granny. Special Agent Ray will then bring his team in and clear the time slot that is "needed urgently."

Sweet Little GrannyEdit

Sweet Little Granny is the host of The Fluffy Bunny Show. She plays the banjo. She works with 6 fluffy bunnies and is married to Sweet Old Grandpa. She is 138 years old. In one episode, when Doctor Doctor takes over The Fluffy Bunnython, Retired U.Z.Z. Agent Mildred Volt finds her locked in a closet on The Spider Base. When Mildred saves her, she exclaims, "This kind of thing happens to me, every week!"

Theme Song (Shall We Sing Our Song)Edit

At the beginning of every episode of The Fluffy Bunny Show, Sweet Little Granny, sings the theme song while her bunnies bounce up and down. She usually doesn't finish. However, when Sweet Old Grandpa took over The Fluffy Bunny Show, he made it to the end of The Secret Show and sang the whole song.

It goes:

Fluffy fluffy bunnies - bouncing in the wood,

Fluffy fluffy bunnies - bouncing as they should,

They bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce

And sometimes they might flounce.

Fluffy BunniesEdit

Their are 6 bunnies that work with Sweet Little Granny, on the show. However, 3,243 bunnies have been seen in the show. Sweet Little Granny can remember the names of each bunny. There is also a two hour tram ride through The Bunny Heaven Graveyard, a popular tourist attraction for many years. The most famous bunnies have been stuffed and have animatronic technology, allowing them to wave to tourist.

Sweet Old GrandpaEdit

Sweet Old Grandpa is Sweet Little Granny's husband. He once hosted The Fluffy Bunny Show, when his wife had a hip operation. When Ray and his team came in, Sweet Old Grandpa ran into the house and boarded it up. Ray and his team, then tried to take the house, resulting in Sweet Old Grandpa busting through the back of the house. The U.Z.Z. team chased him throughout the episode, but never caught him. At the end of the show, him and his bunnies sneaked into the U.Z.Z. briefing room and sang The Fluffy Bunny Show theme song.


In one episode, when Sweet Little Granny's bunnies went on holiday, she had a bear help her sing her song. When Ray tried to take the time slot, he got attacked. However, he did manage to clear the time slot and run The Secret Show.

Agent RayEdit

Special Agent Ray is a member of U.Z.Z. He and his team are in charge of clearing the time slot and running The Secret Show.

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